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Access Lock enables you to lock your desktop with a password by several methods, prevent
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28 March 2011

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With PCs turning out to be handy information repositories for many of us, we usually do not like the idea of allowing unauthorized access to our computer systems. Such unwanted access to your PC could result in loss of your all important data and could affect your PC`s performance big time. So, it`s imperative that you must block any sort of unauthorized access to your computer and thereby safeguard your important data. This can be done by using a utility that restricts the access of other users to your computer in your absence. One such utility that can perform this task incredibly well is AccessLock. The utility supports applying password protection to desktop by allowing you to lock it when you’re away for a while.

After installation, AccessLock stays at your system tray, from where you can easily select to lock the screen by right-clicking on the icon. The program screen executes with two tabs Messages and Events; here with Messages you can enter the text you want to be displayed with the locked screen, and with ‘Events’ you’re shown the actions performed with the program. Using the toolbar option, you can anytime ‘Activate’ or ‘Deactivate’ the program security. Further, you can lock screen and associate Password with it, which you would be required entering to access the desktop. Moreover, the program presents easy-going Option-set that lets you configure your Screen Saver, Security, Users, and Windows Policies. With these options you can set the default lock mode, style, hot keys, security conditions, user list with windows and custom users, and other administrator policies. After you apply the screen lock, it presents a small dialog box that allows you to access your desktop by entering correct password, and also lets other to leave massages for you.

By activating the AccessLock 3.31 you can anytime put its watch screen or lock mode to avoid unauthorized access. The application is compiled of credible feature-set and is accompanied by an effective and reliable performance, considering which it’s being allotted 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Access Lock is an easy-to-use system-tray security utility you can use to secure your desktop when you are away from your computer. Just configure the program, define a password and double click the Access Lock system-tray icon every time you need to disable and hide your desktop. While it is locked, the system keys and taskbar are disabled and the mouse cursor is trapped, unauthorized password entries are met with an audio alert and logged to disk. The only thing is available in this mode is a pop-up password-entry dialog with an input area for the password that restores your desktop to working condition. Access Lock enables you to lock your PC by two methods. The first one hides your desktop and shows a screen saver while the second one does not hide it allowing others to watch what happens there that is very useful when you would like to demonstrate something to people but do not want them to play with it. It also prevents unauthorized access on boot and allows people around to leave messages while the system is locked. You will find the program interface very easy to negotiate. Excellent online help is available.
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